Enter the world of wonderful alpines

Alpine Plants for your Garden

Welcome to our website. We hope that you enjoy browsing through the many beautiflul varieties  of alpine and rockery plants on offer which can be found naturally in most parts of the world. The images above and right were taken from our display at Chelsea flower show 2018.

Our alpines are generally supplied in a 9cm pot (coffee mug size) and are ready for immediate planting out. Alpine and rockery plants prefer  an open well drained position away from overhanging trees in most cases. although Cyclamen and Anemone nemorosa thrive under the canopy of trees.

Alpines are ideal for growing in

  • Containers
  • Border Edges
  • Trough
  • Rock Gardens
  • Paving

We unfortunately are not open to the public but we do exhibit at a number of the larger flower shows in season where you may buy alpine and rockery plants details of which we will post early in the new year.

Colourful display of alpines at Chelsea flower show 2018


 A selection of  just some of the varieties we have on offer.  Click on any image to see further information.

Not Sure? View our collections

If you have little time to search the website or would like to start with some recommended varieties then a collection may be for you.

Lovely miniature alpine beauties suitable for planting in troughs and ideal in small pockets in the rockery.

8 Alpines for a trough

This selection is ideal for a trough or sink garden and includes seldom offered varieties you would not see in a garden centre

Enter the world of wonderful alpines with this collection. All rockery and alpine plants here are sure to welcome this important wildlife.

10 Bee friendly alpines

If you want to attract bees and butterflies to your garden then this is the right choice for you.

All easy alpines

10 Easy alpines

Easy alpines which perform well in the garden and are great value too.